Philip Morgan Lewis - "Sinner" Single Release

NewsPosted by Moonalizer Records Mon, March 27, 2017 13:26:09

We are proud to present Philip Morgan Lewis' new single, "Sinner".

It's the second single from his upcoming album, "Grief Harbour" due early April. The track marks a powerful return to his gritty, 21st century alt-blues, garage rock sound.

"Sinner" released March 16 on iTunes / Amazon / Spotify - The track is on rotation on radio stations across the UK and US.

Spotify link:


WA12 radio UK, ICR105.7fm UK, 365radio network US, Black Sky radio US, Rock93x, US Cowboy's Juke Joint US, The Matt Barker show UK, WSPN 94.9fm Saratoga NY US, Hoxton FM UK, EGH Radio UK. KKID92.9FM US, The Basement tapes, Salford City Radio 94.4fm


LOVE IT! As always! Adding it to the rotation (Black Sky Radio US, DJ Nightmare)

Loving your new track and looking forward to playing on next week's show (Mer & Mikki WA12 Radio UK)

Wow love this. I'll be sharing this with my audience (Mike Dewald Cowboy's Juke Joint - Rock93x US)

I really like it. and I'll be including it in my next show (Matt Barker Show)

"Filthy Mega Berkatron Blues? Yes, that's exactly what Philip Morgan Lewis has concocted with his excellent new single, "Sinner"! Well worth a listen!" (James - Pickletech)

Love it! will feature on my show (Stephen EGH Rocks - EGH Radio)

Sounds great! played it on the show ( Alex Spinelli, WSPN 94.9 fm NY Radio / Hoxton FM)

Great song! added to the rotation ( Steve Hicks ICR fm 105.7)

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